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Who can benefit?

Who can benefit from MONROE?

  • Operators
    • It is very important for MBB operators to track the performance of their network. By providing user-level measurements, MONROE will furnish operators with information on performance problems of their service from the users’ perspective;
  • Regulators and society at a large
    • To guide regulations and spur competition, regulators and society at large need large-scale independent measurements for assessing the stability and performance of MBB networks;
  • Organizations and businesses
    • Transport/logistic companies and emergency services depend heavily on the quality of mobile networks in their operations, and can benefit directly from measurements from their vehicles (for instance, for a public transportation company, it may be interesting to compare the performance of their on-board WiFi service to that of users’ mobile broadband connections);
  • Users and Consumers
    • Help users and consumers to make informed choices on which network provider to choose;
  • Researchers and entrepreneurs
    • To evaluate the performance of novel applications or protocols in a real operational setting, an experimental platform is crucial for researchers and innovators.


How can you get involved?
MONROE will run a series of Open Calls where external users can ask for funding to run experiments. The first MONROE Open Call will be announced by the end of the first year and it will target researchers, innovators and business that depend on MBB networks. The second MONROE Open Call will be announced towards the end of second year and it will be open to all user groups. Apart from the Open Calls, the platform will be available to external users in the beginning of the third year. Read more about Open Calls.

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