Politecnico di Torino

Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) is a public university offering degrees in Engineering and Architecture, with an outstanding international reputation in technical and scientific teaching and research. It is a research university interested in the balanced development of both theoretical and applied research. Due to the participation in many international projects, Politecnico di Torino exhibits a significant experience in both scientific and administrative project management. Within the 6th Framework Programme, Politecnico di Torino was involved in 95 European research projects, while under the 7th Framework Programme 200 projects have been funded up to now, with a total EU contribution of 61 million Euro.

POLITO participates to the mPlane project through the research group called ”the Telecommunication Networks Group” (TNG) within the Electronic and Telecommunication Department. TNG has been active for a long time in several areas related with telecommunication networks, including wireless, optical, TCP/IP and peer-to-peer networks, with a strong expertise on performance evaluation, modelling and analysis, and traffic measurements and characterization. The TNG has been active in several European projects. As Networks of Excellence: mPlane (coordinated), TREND (coordinated), “e-Photon/ONe” (coordinated) and “e-Photon/ONe+” (coordinated), BONE, Euro-NF, Euro-NGI and Euro-FGI, NewCom and NewCom++. As Integrated Projects, the TNG is participating in FIGARO, ECONET and STRONGEST, and has participated into FEDERICA and NOBEL2. TNG has led the FP7 STREP NAPA-WiNe (coordinated), and is participating in the FET STAMINA. It was active in the Cost Actions: 257, 273, IC0703.

Role in the project

Polito team will offer his experience in developing and deploying monitoring systems, with particular attention to the integration of the mPlane architecture. The more than ten-years long experience on traffic monitoring system and algorithm design guarantees an excellent background and domain knowledge to face WP1 and WP3 topics. Prof. Marco Mellia guarantees to augment the competence about the design of monitoring systems, and the exploitation of machine learning algorithms  suitable for traffic analysis. The Electronic and Telecommunication Department (DET), supported by the EU Affairs Office experience in managing several FP7 projects, offers the necessary background to participate in cooperative FIRE projects. In WP7, POLITO will contribute to dissemination and will help in organizing the training school.

Key personnel

  • Prof. Marco Mellia