D1.1 Use Case Descriptions (01/09/2015)
D1.2 System Design and Prototype implementation (01/03/2016)
D1.3 Final Implementation (01/03/2017)
D2.1 Selection and design of the new node (01/03/2016)
D2.2 Node deployment (01/06/2016)
D2.3 Robust node recovery method (01/12/2016)
D3.1 Experimental SW as EaaS (01/03/2017)
D3.2 Report on experiments and results (01/03/2018)
D4.1 Maintenance Routines (01/09/2016)
D4.2 Maintenance Activities (01/09/2017)
D5.1 User manual and initial user’s experiences (01/03/2017)
D5.2 External user’s experiences (01/03/2018)
D6.1 Management tools (01/06/2015)
D6.2 Data Management Plan (01/09/2015)
D6.3 First year report (01/03/2016)
D6.4 Second year report (01/03/2017)
D6.5 Third year report (01/03/2018)
D6.6 Quarterly Reports (01/03/2018)
D7.1 Interim dissemination report (01/09/2016)
D7.2 Final Dissemination and open data exploitation report (01/03/2018)
D7.3 Exploitation on Sustainability (01/03/2018)