Third parties (external experimenters) will be financed in MONROE through OPEN CALLS. The calls will be competitive and all applications will be independently evaluated based on their degree of innovation, scientific excellence and/or industrial relevance, and suitability in scale and complexity of the experiment.

Each experimenter will be granted access to the platform for no less than 3 months and no more than 18 months. Experimenters will have the right to use a subset of the nodes for their experiments; the number of nodes to which an experimenter is granted access will be allocated by MONROE according to the experimenter’s requirements. Should scheduling conflicts arise for the access to MONROE’s nodes, the highest priority will be granted to MONROE’s partners for development and maintenance; otherwise, all experimenters will have a default priority, and conflicts will be resolved with the goal to be fair to the experimenters.

MONROE will have 2 Open Calls:

  • First Open Call:  The experimenters selected through first open call will access to the prototype platform. They will be allowed to run active/passive measurements as well as propose protocol experiments, which require active traffic generation and SW support from their MONROE patron. They can further propose SW extensions to the platform as well as HW extensions to the infrastructure. Since the experimenters will have access to the prototype system, they are expected, as their contribution, to provide feedback that will be used to refine the platform to its final version. Each experimenter will access to the platform for no more than 18 months and they will be funded with up to 150k Euros.
  • Second Open Call:  The experimenters selected through second open call will access the platform to collect results of passive and active measurements. They can propose protocol experiments as well as SW extensions to the platform. Each experimenter will have access to the platform for no more than 12 months and they will be funded with up to 100k Euros.

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