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Simula Research Laboratory

Description of the organization

Dedicated to tackling scientific challenges with long-term impact and of genuine importance to real life, Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) offers an environment that emphasizes and promotes basic research. At the same time, we are deeply involved in research education and application-driven innovation and commercialization. Simula was established as a non-profit, limited company in 2001, and is fully owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Its research is funded through competitive grants from national funding agencies and the EC, research contracts with industry, and a basic allowance from the State. Simula’s operations are conducted in a seamless integration with the two subsidiaries Simula School of Research and Innovation and Simula Innovation.

SRL is an internationally leading research institution within select fields in information and communications technology. These fields are: (i) communication systems, including cyber-security; (ii) scientific computing, aiming at fast and reliable solutions of mathematical models in biomedicine and geoscience; and (iii) software engineering, focusing on testing and verification of mission-critical software systems, and on planning and cost estimation of large software development projects.

SRL has a strong track record in developing innovative applications in collaboration with industry partners. The fact that all three research areas at Simula host or serve as main partner in a national Centre for Research-based Innovation manifests this position. These three centres involve major international industrial partners, such as Microsoft, Accenture, GE Healthcare, FMC Technologies, and Cisco, as well as several SMEs. Also, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications recently promoted one of our leading research activities to national status as the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA), with a specific mandate to monitor the performance and state of the national telecommunication infrastructure.

Role in the project

SRL acts as the coordinator of the project and as such has the overall responsibility for both the technical work and management of the project. Dr. Ozgu Alay will serve as the project coordinator and lead the management activities (WP6). At SRL research and management staff supports her with extensive experience in the technical areas of MONROE as well as on coordinating large research projects and administering EU projects. In particular, SRL brings a strong research background in MBB networks, multipath protocols and wireless networks that will contribute to experiments (WP3) especially for the identification of key MBB parameters. SRL is also experienced in building testbeds such as NorNet Core and NorNet Edge. This experience will be fostered in the system design, implementation and hardware deployment (WP1 and WP2). The experience gained by operating and maintaining these testbeds will be utilized in maintenance and user support activities (WP4 and WP5). SRL will also contribute to dissemination and exploitation activities and commit resources for sustainability of the platform after the project ends.

Key personnel in MONROE:

  • Dr. Ozgu Alay
  • Dr. Ahmed Elmokashfi
  • Chad Jarvis
  • Andra Lutu 
  • Cise Midoglu 

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