Become a member

To maintain the MONROE platform as a key measurement resource for research and development of  MBB networks, its original developers set up an Alliance at the end of the MONROE project. It has been opened for new partners through an application process.

If you would like to become a member or have any questions, send a request to

The MONROE Alliance offers four different affiliation models depending on the subscription and partnership access. These are:

  • OPEN ACCESS USER is free of charge and gives access to a small number of testing nodes to run small scale experiments or test the Monroe system and designed experiments before running it in the large scale.
  • REGULAR USER fee gives access to the whole platform for 6 months with a limited access to data (100GB) and time quota (100 hours) per month. The fee for regular users is 2 500 EUR for up to 6 months usage.
  • GOLD USER subscription covers 5 ’regular users’ fees. These have prioritised access to the platform as well as the MONROE database. An annual fee of 15 000 EUR is charged. Gold users also have the possibility to purchase MONROE nodes.
  • PARTNERs are included in the core community developing, maintaining and sustaining the platform. Partners have the possibility to provide the platform with HW/SW extensions as well as deploy new nodes. All partners will be part of all decision processes. This type of membership gives a prioritised access to the platform. For a full partnership, at least an annual contribution of the Gold user (15 000 EUR) and being part of the development team is expected. The partnership applications will be subject to a selection procedure.

All new users will need to sign MONROE Terms of service.

To know more about what the Alliance does, what type of experiments you can run or read the user manual, visit our github repository:

If you would like to read more about the platform, check out our MONROE experience paper “Experience: An Open Platform for Experimentation with Commercial Mobile Broadband Networks”