Open Call 2

Building and operating a mobile broadband (MBB) testbed is the key goal of the MONROE project. Such a testbed, however, cannot be built without the feedback of the experimenters who are the main users of it. Therefore, external users are in the core of the MONROE project.

The external experimenters (third parties ) in MONROE project were financed via two Open Calls. The Calls were competitive and all applications were independently evaluated based on their degree of innovation, scientific excellence and/or industrial relevance, and suitability in scale and complexity of the experiment. Each proposal was reviewed by reviewers from both academia and industry and by at least one external reviewer.

The experimenters selected through the Second Open Call accessed the platform to collect results of passive and active measurements. Some proposed protocol experiments as well as SW extensions to the platform.

Call information
Call name: Second MONROE Open Call for Experiments and Extensions
Total budget: 1,500,000 Euros
Number of proposals to be funded: up to 15
Maximum funding per proposal: 100,000 Euros
Number of partners per proposal: The target number of participants per proposal is maximum 2.
Type of participants: The profile of participants is academics, industry or SMEs active in research and/or development of mobile broadband technologies, protocols and/or applications. The rules of participation are the same as for any H2020 proposal.
Call deadline: Friday, December 2, 2016 at 17:00h CET (Brussels time)
Starting date: March, 2017

The MONROE consortium funded the following 15 proposals from a total number of 52 received during the second open call: