Celerway Communications

Celerway Communication AS (Celerway) was established in 2012 in order to commercialize a software platform that enables what we call Real Mobile Broadband (RMB).  The RMB platform boosts the throughput of single networks, aggregates capacity of several networks, provides seamless handover between networks, and provides intelligent sensing of user and app behavior. The product portfolio consists of apps (to smartphones, tablets and laptops), mobile broadband routers that can connect until 8 networks, and a smart case (pocket router) that combined with your smartphone connect 4 networks. Celerway targets the 2.1 billion mobile broadband subscribers worldwide, growing about 50% annually.

Celerway´s platform includes software on mobile clients and software in a proxy in the network. A key feature of this platform is to improve the deficiencies of the current transport features in mobile broadband networks, and in particular the challenges with multilink usages and seamless handovers. Hence, the MONROE platform will be an important asset for improved product line for Celerway.

Role in the project

The Celerway team in MONROE has long experience in research, software development and running experiments for mobile broadband networks. The planned activities in MONROE will also become important input to Celerway´s product refinement. Celerway will be able to contribute on most tasks in MONROE. However, focus will be on the following: System design and software implementation; node design and selection, even including the evaluation of Celerway´s multi-network router as a measurement node; define and make first experiments of Celerway use cases. Celerway will also be a key partner for the dissemination and exploitation activities within the project, serving also as the WP leader for WP7.

Key personnel

  • Dr. Audun Fosselie Hansen
  • Dr. Kristian Riktor Evensen