Sixth MONROE plenary in Oslo, 2017

In the photo (from left to right): Andra Lutu (SRL), Cise Midoglu (SRL), Giacomo Bernini (Nextworks), Ali Safari Khatouni (POLITO), Özgü Alay (SRL), Marco Giuseppe Ajmone Marsan (POLITO), Vincenzo Mancuso (IMDEA), Anna Brunström (KAU), Min Xie (Telenor), Audun Fosselie Hansen (Celerway), Stefan Alfredsson (KAU), Ali Parichehreh (KAU)

On 27-28 November 2017, the MONROE consortium members gathered at Simula, Fornebu, for their sixth plenary meeting.

We discussed topics ranging from platform status and logistics to supporting external users, integration with external testbeds, status of consortium experiments, publication and dissemination activities, plans regarding MONROE in the 5G era, and sustainability in the long term.

The meeting also included a session in preparation for the MONROE Stakeholders Meeting that takes place the following Wednesday, 29th November 2017.